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“TalentMarketplace makes recruiting the right talent easy. All the candidates information is displayed in a way that is quick and easy to read. TMP’s talent search feature is more user friendly than Recruiter Lite (LinkedIn) and is well suited to business who are looking for local talent.”

– Michaela Mitchell, Employer

“Working with a shifting set of parameters and objectives for filling a complex role, TalentMarketplace provided a simple and time-saving way to assess potential candidates and connect with them. TalentMarketplace is the perfect solution for project resourcing.”

– Blair Feltmate, Project Manager and Business Development Lead, James Laurence Group

“TalentMarketplace provided us with a short list of exceptional candidates who were well-qualified and ready to work.”

– Debbie Cox, President, James Laurence Group

“In such a short amount of time, TMP has truly proven to be a great time investment. I went through significant on-boarding process to ensure skill set, education and experience was aligned to TMP's niche market. I received support in creating a strong profile from the TMP team which resulted in almost immediately receiving bids!”

– Ritika Rakshit, Programs Coordinator

“TalentMarketplace's deep and comprehensive dive into identifying and presenting candidate skills and experience resulted in quick, fast acting results. I was surprised and encouraged to see TalentMarketplace link me with opportunities so quickly after posting my profile.”

– Manuel Gogolin, Consultant

“TalentMarketplace helped me to transition into a new industry, without an existing network in that industry.”

– Taron Chatha, Senior Associate