An On Demand Bench of ERP Consultants

Published June 21, 2021 by Scott Hirsch

TMP On Demand ERP


Put 69.4 hours back in their day by looking at fewer/better resumes and interviewing fewer/better people per hire

Hired 4 ERP consultants weeks faster than traditional methods

Saved $62,882 compared to recruitment agencies

Our digital bench enabled gave this global ERP consulting firm a major edge in the fight for great talent. Request a demo today.


Recruitment and talent management in the world of ERP Consulting is a unique challenge.

On the one hand, you want to ensure you have great consultants on staff so that you can effectively service (and bill) you clients. On the other hand, you don’t want a bench of staff who aren’t billing.

An alternative is to resort to recruiters to fill needs quickly when you sign a major contract, or hire independent contractors for one-off projects. Unfortunately, both of these eat huge holes in your margins, but they give you the closest thing to an “on-demand” talent funnel.


TalentMarketplace’s Recruitment-as-a-Service model gave this ERP consulting team the perfect solution: a deep bench of consultants that match their needs for one monthly fee.

TalentMarketplace’s sourcing and screening process was honed in from the gate, with the first candidate being sourced and provided within 24 hours. Since then, this consultancies talent bench has only grown - they can hire as many ERP consultants as they want for the same monthly fee.

Further, as TalentMarketplace began to better understand their unique culture-fit needs, they found they were performing half as many interviews per hire, giving their management more time to focus on delivery, rather than recruitment. Their HR lead also saw a drop in the number of resumes she (and her internal clients) needed to review, and an overall improvement in filling open positions (in some cases) by months.

This consulting firm was skeptical at first - this talent bench promised a complete disruption in how they recruit. The results? In six months, they saved over $60,000 compared to a traditional recruitment agency (in addition to the dozens of hours saved in interviewing), and are now looking at expanding TalentMarketplace across their global operations.