How TMP is Ahead of the Virtual Job Market

Published March 12, 2021 by Scott Hirsch

COVID19 has changed many aspects of the workplace and hiring is no exception.

Before COVID, a typical job seekers’ search would consist of attending networking events (normally in person), applying for jobs online, reaching out to colleagues and their own personal networks to generate as many job opportunities as possible. With much effort, some time and a dash of good luck, the job seeker would receive a few call backs and then an in person interview. Depending on the organization they’re interviewing with, there may be a few interviews over the span of a week or two. From there, they would sign an employment contract and begin work. An average job search takes about 1 to 3 months. While some of these activities occur predominantly online, networking and interviewing were conducted primarily in person prior to COVID.

For companies, a typical hiring process would consist of posting a job on a board, promoting the posting, receiving (hopefully) many applications, screening the applications, conducting interviews and hiring a successful candidate. This traditional hiring process took an average of 2 months. While many of these activities could happen online, conducting interviews and other parts of the process were traditionally conducted in person.

COVID forced the entirety of both the job seekers’ search process and companies’ hiring process to immediately shift online. Many job seekers and companies were not prepared for the immediate shift but both job seekers and companies were quick to adapt. This need to shift brought many job seekers and companies to hiring platforms such as TalentMarketplace.

From its inception, TalentMarketplace was designed to support a streamlined and digital hiring process. By conducting a phone screening with every job seeker that completes a standardized profile, companies can skip the job posting and screening processes saving them time. This phone screening also provides immediate feedback to job seekers on their resumes and qualifications. Companies have direct, full access to the job seeker database which provides complete transparency and a direct connection with candidates, further speeding up their time to hire. At the same time, this means that a single profile for candidates exposes them to hundreds of hiring decision makers instead of having to apply to them all separately. Companies then have the ability to immediately request an interview with candidates without having to wait for job seekers to apply for a posting. This means companies can hire faster and job seekers can get straight to the interview room with very little continued effort.

After an interview request is sent and the interview is booked, companies have shifted to conducting interviews online and e-signing contracts. The realization that many companies and job seekers have had that they are able to easily, quickly and successfully conduct the entire hiring process online is, in TalentMarketplace’s view, a permanent and positive shift.

Tips for job seekers looking for work digitally:

  1. Attend virtual networking events
  2. Contact your personal network
  3. Try a recruitment platform

Tips for companies hiring digitally:

  1. Be open to remote work from non-local cities
  2. Be clear on the job title and requirements
  3. Try a recruitment platform