Partnership with Level One Fund

Published May 3, 2021 by Scott Hirsch

TMP Enabled Large MSP


TalentMarketplace (TMP) is excited to announce its partnership with Level One Fund. Level One Fund is a New York based, growth stage venture capital fund that invests in companies reshaping static industries. They seek companies that break paradigms and challenge established systems when those systems become unable to keep up with the demands of the market.

A Little History

TMP was founded with less than $10,000 from the founders as a revenue funded startup. This meant that we had to focus on generating revenue quickly, keeping costs low, and building fast to be able to sustain the business. Thanks to great people, hard work and a bit of luck, we’ve been able to make this a reality. Our goal continues to be to build a functioning, profitable business instead of constantly chasing VC funding while incurring losses. We feel that proving that a business is viable at a small scale shows that it will be viable with larger economies of scale.

How it Happened

While out for a social dinner one night, I was introduced to a connection at Level One Fund. We hit it off really quickly and became fast friends. Inevitably, conversations about what we do for work popped up and it became evident that there may be a way for us to work together. Over the next few months, we put presentations together, had meetings and shared reports about the development of TalentMarketplace. The values, goals and alignment between TMP and Level One Fund stood out so we both decided that there was a good fit.

What does it mean for TalentMarketplace?

I’m really excited about the future of TMP and Level One Fund. Less than 0.7% of companies are successful in securing any venture capital so this partnership is a strong vote of confidence in the company. There are new opportunities available to TMP thanks to Level One Fund’s portfolio of companies, network and technologies. Additionally, their support secures TMP’s growth position and plans for the next two years. Though our anticipated growth trajectory is accelerated, TMP’s tried and true decision making process and core values remain unchanged. TMP is currently on a sales and marketing blitz to continue its trajectory of doubling every year. The future is bright and this partnership makes it even brighter. Moving forward, we will continue to honour our core values of fostering community, living honestly, autonomy, and doing whatever it takes to deliver wins to our clients.