Showing Our Pride

Published June 2, 2021 by Scott Hirsch

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This month, we have a lineup of LGBTQ+ related articles, and employee stories. We wanted to make sure we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Being a minority and LGBTQ+ owned startup, TMP prides itself on offering a diverse and inclusive community for both our clients and our staff. This month, TMP will join the LGBTQ+ community in celebrating equality, while acknowledging the historical challenges this community has faced.

A Little History

Why will TMP celebrate pride month? Pride month celebrates the accomplishments the LGBTQ+ community has had, and also acknowledges the historical discrimination the community has faced. Pride is about celebrating acceptance and educating others, all while acknowledging how far there is still to go.

Pride month started in 1969, when the American Constitution still contained laws banning homosexuality. Police would often raid events where many LGBTQ+ individuals were present, which is what happened on June 28th, 1969. At that time, the community fought back and protests were held for several days during the Stonewall Riots. Shortly after, the first official pride parade was held; pride month continues to this day, every June, throughout the world.

How We Are Becoming Diversity Champions

Given the nature of TalentMarketplace’s work, and the strong LGBTQ+ presence within the company, it is of utmost importance that we uphold ourselves as the benchmark for strong diversity and inclusion practices. This means ensuring our recruitment team is given all of the tools they need to be culture champions and spread the importance of diversity. We have invested in extensive diversity and inclusion training for our recruiters, and they have been working towards the AIRS Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter certification this week. This training focused around creating environments that foster success for all marginalized groups within the workplace and implementing these skills while developing new recruitment strategies. Here are some takeaways from our participants:

There is a difference between inclusion and belonging. Inclusion is hearing ideas given, belonging is actually doing something with them. Just because one invites a “diverse” team, doesn’t mean each member is being treated fairly, and I think that is important to acknowledge. A lot of people don’t have access to the same kinds of opportunities as others, and therefore, it’s just as important to treat people with kindness as it is to identify gaps and fill them when needed.

Though we are a growing startup, we will always prioritize our values. Moving forward, we will continue to honour our core values of fostering community, living honestly, autonomy, and doing whatever it takes to deliver wins to our clients. One of our core values being community, we will continue to create truly inclusive environments that foster growth for all marginalized groups.