Why You Should Work for TMP

Published Aug. 31, 2021 by Scott Hirsch

Why Work for TMP

Why You Should Work for TMP

Liz is a Digital Marketing Specialist currently attending the Beedie School of Business. She has been on staff since April of this year, and is wrapping up her full time internship with us this coming week. Liz will be continuing to work with TMP on a part-time basis in the fall, but she has a few things to say first:

What was your position at TMP?

This summer, I was employed by TalentMarketplace as a “Digital Marketing Specialist”. I use quotation marks because with TMP being a startup, my role quickly shifted from “Digital Marketing Specialist” to simply, “Marketing Specialist”, and most recently to, “Marketing, PR, and Agency Relations Manager”. This jack-of-all-trades job allowed me to experience all facets of marketing in an online world. From managing external agency work, to writing press releases, to performing email marketing campaigns, to working in Salesforce, performing primary research, writing a white paper, managing and optimizing ads, creating content, being the creative director for ad campaigns...and so much more- this role definitely expanded the breadth of my marketing experience.

What’s your favourite part about working for TMP?

My favourite part about TalentMarketplace is the culture. I learned an incredible (INCREDIBLE) amount during my internship, but I was driven to make the most out of my summer because of the people around me. Not only is TalentMarketplace’s culture encouraging, supportive, and idea driven, it’s truly a blast to be around the team. All three co-founders are Beedie graduates and know exactly what it is like to be a student. Scott is heavily involved in the Beedie community and has recently become my coach for an international case competition and Steven does comedy on the side (therefore, he’s funny sometimes). Together, they’ve created a fun, creative, and family-like dynamic that made my internship experience the best it could be.

Did you have a favourite project during your internship?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one project! When I joined TMP, I noticed there was a disconnect between the team’s culture and values and our online presence. Our team is exciting, personable, and diverse, but none of this messaging was present in our marketing. My overarching goal for the summer was to “sell our team”- and TMP gave me the freedom to implement whatever (data-driven) solution I would like to explore.

Though there were many ideas explored, a personal favourite was our organic awareness campaign on Tik Tok (yes, Tik Tok). However, we made the decision to pivot our resources to other platforms for three reasons:

  1. It took too much time to script, film, and edit enough videos to “satisfy” the Tik Tok algorithm.
  2. It was incredibly difficult to convey company culture through Tik Tok while working from home.
  3. Most importantly, I was not learning what I wanted to be learning.

The founders of TMP understand that no job is permanent; their goal is to create a growth environment so that we (eventually) leave as a better person. Scott and Steven provided me mentorship. On a weekly basis, Scott would check in with me to ensure that I was getting everything out of my internship that I wanted to. My favourite part about my internship is that it was mine. With TMP, I was able to get as much or as little out of it as I wanted to- it just depended on how hard I worked.

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