General Questions

How does TalentMarketplace work?

TalentMarketplace (TMP) is a two sided candidate/employer marketplace. Candidates make profiles which are pre-screened both automatically by the platform and manually by us to ensure they are high quality. Then, employers can search and filter candidates' profiles to make offers directly to them - no need for job postings, recruiters or additional filtering.

What do you cost?

Employers only pay when they make a hire. There is no upfront cost to joining and browsing TalentMarketplace. The success fee is 15% of the first year's salary or rate. This fee is payable up-front, in equal monthly installments, or, if using our payroll partner, paid through as part of their process. It will always be completely free for candidates searching for work. Our efficient process and scalability makes this low rate possible.

Aren't you a recruiter?

No. TalentMarketplace is a recruitment tool for businesses, not a recruitment agency. When using an agency, the recruiter receives SOWs and pushes a shortlist of talent to you, based on their assessment of your needs. They may also handle additional services themselves, such as payroll administration. In the marketplace model, a series of filters enables a busy HR team or hiring manager to generate their shortlist in a couple clicks, with resumes and references up front. That’s weeks of discovery scaled back to just minutes. The tool also enables them to connect with individuals for interview directly.

Why just project managers, business/project analysts, and project coordinators?

Marketplace recruitment platforms are taking the world by storm, one profession at a time. We’re passionate about project management, and wanted to bring this alternative to job boards and recruiters to our profession.

How is this different from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a huge crowd of individuals of all professions, however, it offers businesses limited ability to filter or search in a standardized way. Further, they are unscreened, and may not be looking for work, making the use of LinkedIn a time-consuming activity. When marketplaces like TalentMarketplace tailor themselves to a single profession, they can develop pre-screening, filtering, and marketing efforts all focused on a single profession, enabling them to create a specialized talent pool which is ready for new opportunities while being easy to navigate.

How does your screening process work?

Candidates first register and complete their profile. Before they are available to be searched, we conduct an interview to confirm their knowledge of project management practices. At that time, we also verify candidates' resumes and references in the profile enhancement session.

What are your future plans for the platform?

Our goal is to stay true to our initial supporters and continue to provide the TalentMarketplace solution to project management resources in other project-heavy cities.

Questions from Employers

Do you support payroll?

Yes. TalentMarketplace has a partner firm which can support all your payrolling needs, treating the candidates you’ve selected through our platform as a “pass-through”, for minimal administrative costs.

I’m not familiar with how much agencies charge - does this make you cheaper, or more expensive?

Cheaper. In this industry, it is common for candidates sourced from recruiters to receive only 80% of what the business is paying for them -- for every hour they work, recruiters receive a 20% success fee. From our interviews, we’ve heard this go well higher than 30%.

What happens if a candidate I hire does not work out?

You get a free replacement. We prescreen all of our candidates to ensure they are representing themselves on their profile and resume accurately to the best of our ability. That said, if a staff candidate is not a fit or leaves within 3 months, you’re eligible to hire another candidate from our talent pool free of any success fee.

How do you reduce time-to-place?

The digitally native marketplace solution for finding talent removes steps from the agency and job board model. The marketplace model is faster because talent is available directly, and the system can provide a shortlist in minutes, allowing businesses to assess without a single touchpoint with an external party. Contemporary recruitment marketplaces enable businesses to reduce their days to hire to 25 days.

How do I post a job?

You don't. Instead, you search our talent pool and reach out to pre-screened project talent. No need to write job postings, wait for replies or sort through unqualified applicants' resumes!

What does the "TMP Approved" checkmark mean?

"TMP Approved" means that the candidate has completed their profile, finished a phone screening, completed a profile enhancement session and had their resume reviewed by TMP to confirm their details. This also means that the candidate is verified to have be responsive within the past 2 weeks.

Questions from Talent

How does it work?

Three steps: Registration, Profile Completion and Interview. Start by clicking "I'm Talent" to make a profile. The registration wizard will walk you through the base set of questions required to get your profile started. Then, complete your profile by adding details such as your resume, skills and references. Once you've completed your profile, click Submit Profile & Book Session and TalentMarketplace will call you to complete the interview/profile enhancement session to make sure you get lots of interview requests. When the session is complete, you will then be visible to dozens of businesses looking to hire!

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Talentmarketplace will always be completely free for candidates searching for work.