Success metrics

Hire top talent while saving time and money

"Talentmarketplace easily saved me several weeks of my time & effort per hire. From start to finish the entire process was simple and time efficient. I had access to great resources and was able to select, interview and make offers within several days. This eliminates weeks of recruiting effort."

—Teresa Marshall, PMO Manager

Hired 3 people in 5 days

TalentMarketplace vs. LinkedIn

Overall response rate

Ratio of candidates who get back to you after initial message



Positive response rate

Ratio of contacted candidates who accept an interview request



Response time

How long it takes a candidate to reply to your initial outreach message

11 hours *

2-3 days

* Including evenings and weekends

TalentMarketplace vs. traditional recruitment methods


Traditional Recruitment

Time to fill

The time from initial contact to a candidate accepting a position with your company

10 calendar days or less

8-12 weeks

Interiew-to-hire ratio

Ratio of interviewed candidates who are succesfully hired

1 in 2.9 candidates

1 in 4.8 candidates

Success rate

Quality of hire, as determined by the number of hires who pass probation



New contact points

Number of people contacted when looking for potential candidates

Up to 300 per day

20-50 per day

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