Vancouver Recruitment Agency

TalentMarketplace is your local Vancouver recruitment agency. We were founded in Vancouver and are based in the city so we know the market. The approach we take consists of three steps:

  1. Discovery - We conduct a discovery session to learn about your business culture and hiring needs. We understand the urgency of your hiring needs so we work quickly to work with you to create a job description while also capturing all of the necessary details about your business. We also take a long term approach by assessing your growth and hiring needs for the year to come. You are given direct access to this on the TMP platform.
  2. Search - TalentMarketplace actively goes to market to recruit for your needs. We are not passively waiting for applicants. Instead, we proactively invite strong candidates to work with us and you. As we find and deliver candidates through our online platform, we listen to your feedback and constantly incorporate it into the search process.
  3. Support - Whether it's assistance in scheduling interviews, or managing candidates, TalentMarketplace is here to support throughout the process. If a candidate is hired and leaves (or is terminated) within the first 3 months, TalentMarketplace will find a replacement for free.

Recruitment Services in Vancouver

TalentMarketplace has three main services. However, we customize our offerings to meet your needs, price point and timelines:

  1. Pay Per Hire - For companies that prefer a traditional approach with better results, we charge 15% to 20% on top of the first year's annual salary, targeting the specific roles the employer wants us to work. Payment is due on hire so this minimizes risk for the employer. This offering is very similar to a traditional recruitment agency approach however TMP delivers candidates through our online platform for full transparency into the recruitment process.
  2. Recruitment as a Service - For companies hiring the same kind of talent repeatedly, we actively recruit and provide a certain number of qualified candidates each month. The price is usually $3,000 to $5,000 /mo per specific role type, teeing up our top picks through the platform. 3 to 5 candidates are provided each month. The employer can hire as many of these candidates with no additional fee. This has been particularly helpful for professional services firms / departments where there is regular growth and/or some turnover.
  3. Self Serve - All our clients get direct access to our full talent pool, unlike any agency. This option gives the employer access to that talent pool (with no active search or account management) for $500/mo, billed annually. Up to 6 hires per year.

Reviews of Recruitment Agency

Don't take our word for it, hear what our partners have to say:

"I am very impressed with the quality of candidates that TalentMarketplace has been able to bring forward during this growth phase within our Property Development department. Their vetting and interview process is clearly working!"
—Tony Bellano, VP Property Development, Gateway Casinos

"Simply the easiest selection process I have ever used. Talentmarketplace easily saved me several weeks of my time & effort per hire. From start to finish the entire process was simple and time efficient. I had access to great resources and was able to select, interview and make offers within several days. This eliminates weeks of recruiting effort."
—Teresa Marshall, PMO Manager, PHSA

"The TalentMarketplace website is easy to use and provides considerably more relevant insight and data about candidates' experience and qualifications than what I've seen elsewhere"
—Elliot Fishman, CEO, Catapult ERP

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